Ambross III

This amplifier together with two 12 or 10 inch sound cells forms an audiophile heavyweight that is second to none!


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  • T-AMP amplifier with 2 x 400 Watt Compact Tripath Board
  • The Ambross III offers highest sound performance due to its optimized circuitry.
  • It delivers a powerful, deep bass and crystal-clear highs, voices come absolutely naturally with a perfect timbre.
  • The room image is extremely stable, wide and deep.
  • Various protective circuits prevent damage to the module, such as overheating or overvoltage.
  • The fan is temperature controlled and switches on if necessary.
  • LEDs installed on the circuit board indicate the respective operating status

Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 29 × 23 × 8.5 cm