The HIFINE cylinders harmonize the electromagnetic fields around the cables and devices as well as in the room and thus improve the sound.

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  • Music sounds more sensitive, warmer, rhythmically lighter and more accentuated, more physical, more spatial, more intense, crunchier and gentler at the same time, as meant by the musician.
  • You get 3 wooden cylinders in different sizes, which are filled with special materials.
  • The inner construction is complex and very time-consuming to produce.
  • State-of-the-art technologies are used and the latest knowledge from physics.
  • The original music signal is distorted by high frequency interference from mobile phones, W-LAN, cordless phones, cell phone masts, Bluetooth.
  • This has an audible negative effect on the surround sound.
  • A normal mains filter can filter out interference from the mains supply and improve the sound audibly, but has no influence on scattering fields and the room field itself.

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