sound cell 7 inch

The entry into the sound universe.

Whether as a PC loudspeaker or for audiophile music enjoyment.

“Our smallest” – sound quality a la bonheur!

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  • solid beech
  • hand-turned
  • hard wax oil
  • coated perforated steel plate


  • Coaxial chassis as transducer (idealized point-shaped sound source)
  • 1.3 litre wooden housing – protected by hard wax oil
  • Natural Sound Adapter (cone) for sound dispersion and sound optimization
  • Steel flange (36 mm inner diameter) with integrated Speakon coupling
  • Housing surface finish matt or gloss level (optional)


  • Perception of the full sound spectrum, even with slight hearing damage – just listen!
  • All information stored on commercially available sound carriers is reproduced.
  • Location of sound cell cannot be located with indirect alignment
  • Experience of one and the same sound image with other persons, with free movement in space
  • Utilization of technical possibilities of the existing hardware


In all residential, office, conference and event rooms, in particular in
acoustically critical rooms: churches, vaults, niches, glass buildings!


great sound in all arrangements no matter if floor, stand, wall or ceiling optimal “sound distribution” or “sound propagation” in the entire room very easy handling, can be connected to any system best room compatibility – great spatial and transparent sound imagesThe sound cells work with every room – reflections are desired!


Appropriate sustainable electroacoustic amplification / reproduction
of sound events without alienation of the information (timbre)
or noise pollution, in the “first row” by too high a sound pressure level.
Harmonious inclusion of each room while preserving its specific character!


Additional information

Weight 2,0 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 cm

Technical Data

Frequenzbereich (recommended frequency range) 60 Hz … >20.000 Hz

Frequenz bei -3 dB / -6 dB 95 Hz / 75 Hz

Kennschalldruck (sound pressure level) 86 dB

Belastbarkeit (power continuous/short term) 80 Watt / 250 Watt

Nennimpedanz (nominal impedance) 4 Ω

Kugelaußendurchmesser & -gewicht 17 cm, 2 kg