speaker cable 4PR

Kimber 4 PR, the world’s best price-performance speaker cable.

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The 4PR has been sold millions of times worldwide.

This cable is completely unrivalled in the price class under 20 €/m.

The trade press has the following to say about KIMBER KABLE:

“Kimber’s intertwining is the trump card: The twisting of the four brown and four black conductors is intended to prevent unpleasant interferences. This obviously works very well, because the 4 PR played its way to the top in this group: there was nothing to add to the Kimber’s liveliness and drive, nor to its high precision, airy high-frequency range and very free reproduction. The 4 PR is a first class special offer. Audio Buy Tip”.

AUDIO, Germany.

“Tone relief and sound are absolutely convincing for this price. Also dynamic the 4 PR is no child of sadness. Test result: “Excellent, three stars.”

STEREO, Germany.

For a small surcharge we burn in the cables. This leads to an additional significant sound improvement.