speaker cable 8PR

The loudspeaker cable 8 PR is our favourite.

16×7 pure copper cable Unicore/Solidcore.


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The Kimber 8 PR, just like the cable of its little brother Kimber 4 PR, which has the same basic structure as the Kimber 8 PR, combines a whole series of top-class test references: The Kimber 8 PR is a high-quality loudspeaker cable that ideally combines proven sound improvement with test references and a relatively low purchase price.

Test results

“Golden Ear”, 1st place speaker cable in AUDIO 2001

“very good” in the STEREOPLAY 11/2001 sales consultation for loudspeaker cables

“Buying tip” in the AUDIO 04/2001 Megatest box cable test

Advantages of the Kimber 8 PR

Due to the braiding technique, the cable has a reversed magnetic field and is ideal for parallel laying, also for biWiring and biAmping and active concepts due to the low crosstalk.

The Kimber 8 PR uses particularly high-purity copper (99.99999995). This high material quality of the conductor determines the fine resolution of the bass, midrange and high frequencies.

In the Kimber style, the polypropylene-insulated Kimber 8 PR presents itself as a braided cable with all-round favourable technical properties. As the name suggests, it is a double cross-section version of the Kimber 4 PR Stereoplay price. Thanks to its low resistance, the 8 PR can easily bridge longer distances.

We burn in the cables for a small surcharge. This leads to an additional significant sound improvement.