The X-A160 power amplifier features an ultra-solid enclosure whose structured design provides the most effective shielding and eliminates any risk of interference between the various circuits of the device.

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The high power of the power supply combined with the “high current” power transistors (NJW0281G – NJW0302G) provides a tremendous dynamic.

The X-A160 provides 160 W per channel in class AB operation, a switch on the rear panel enables the first W in class A operation. Beyond this limit, the amplifier automatically switches to class AB operation.

Technical data

Output power 8Ω: 2 X 160W

Output power 4Ω: 2 X 240W

Frequency range: 10Hz-80kHz

distortion: < 0.07%

Signal-to-noise ratio: > 120 dB

Channel separation: > 80 dB

Asymmetrical input resistance: 14 kΩ

Balanced input resistance: 38 kΩ.

AC input : 115-230V with automatic mains voltage control

Standby power consumption: < 0.5W

Max. Power consumption: < 500W

Transformer: 1 (700W)