pure Sound

Sound spreads spherically, not in a straight line.

A loudspeaker chassis is just a membrane that generates sound waves.
Without resonators, its effect is flat and limited.
Resonance is what makes the rest vibrate.

A sphere is the perfect resonator.
No diffraction, perfect refraction, no alienation.
We have perfected the surround sound.

Spatial and perceptible, even through a single sound cell.


Made in Saxony

Each individual sound cell is masterfully manufactured by hand.

The spherical resonating body is made of naturally dried beech wood and shaped by master woodturners.  An additional treatment with a special refining elixir, which influences the lignin fibres, gives the wood a very special sound in the overtone range. Separately adapted coax together with this resonance body result in an incomparable sound experience.

We test every single sound cell for its sound characteristics and only sell them when WE are satisfied with them.

That is our claim to quality.

A corresponding certificate is issued for each sound cell.