sound cell 10 inch


This loudspeaker sets new standards in this price segment.

Sound reproduction that simply inspires.

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  • Hifidelity Speaker / sound cell 10 inch
  • Enclosure Solid beech wood
  • hand-turned
  • Hardwax oil Bass reflex tube


Coaxial chassis as a sound transducer (idealized point sound source) 7.5-liter wooden enclosure with bass reflex tube – protected by hardwax oil Natural Sound Adapter (scatter cone) for sound diffusion and thus sound optimization Steel flange (36 mm inner diameter) with integrated Speakon coupling Enclosure surface finish matte or gloss grades (optional) Hifidelity Speaker


Perception of the full sound spectrum, even with slight hearing impairment – easy listening! All information stored on commercial sound carriers is reproduced Location of the sound cell cannot be located with indirect orientation Experience the same sound image with other people, with free movement in the room Utilization of technical possibilities of existing hardware Hifi speakers, meaning reproduction of all frequencies up to 23,000 HZ!

Areas of application

In all residential, office, conference, and event rooms, especially in acoustically critical rooms: churches, vaults, niches, glass buildings!

Characteristics (sound cell 10 inch)

great sound with all arrangements, whether floor, stand, wall, or ceiling optimal “sound distribution” or “sound propagation” throughout the room very easy handling, can be connected to any system best room compatibility – great spatial and transparent sound images The sound cells work with any room – reflections are desired!


Appropriate sustainable electro-acoustic amplification and reproduction of sound events without distortion of information (sound color) or noise nuisance, in the “front row” due to excessive sound pressure. Harmonious integration of each room while maintaining its specific character!


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For smaller spaces up to 80m², we recommend our 8-inch model.

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Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 7 kg
Größe 40 × 40 × 50 cm

Standard: schwarz

weitere Farboptionen nach Absprache: Buche, Anthrazit, Kirschbaum

jede Klangzelle ist ein Unikat, die Originalfarbe kann vom Produktbild abweichen!

Technical Data

Frequenzbereich (recommended frequency range) 45 Hz … >25.000 Hz

Frequenz bei -3 dB / -6 dB 80 Hz / 60 Hz

Kennschalldruck (sound pressure level) 88 dB

Belastbarkeit (power continuous/short term) 200 Watt / 300 Watt

Nennimpedanz (nominal impedance) 8 Ω

Kugelaußendurchmesser & -gewicht 25 cm, 5,5 kg